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Human Hamster Ball Parties!
Our brand new 10' clear vinyl spheres are a new, very safe design, in which the rider is suspended with a shoulder harness, and also has hand holds for stability. The new human sphere design gives additional protection for the rider, and is a less restrictive ride. Extremely fun! Human hamster balls were first popularized in New Zealand in a sport called "Zorbing". They have proven to be the highlight of every party! Kids and adults climb inside these giant inflatable balls and have a blast as they roll around.
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Hamster_in_wheel animation.gif   Human Hamster Ball Rentals

$175 1 hr.
includes attendant
$125 each addtional hr.
Don't have enough space?We can also put it in our 24'x24' foam pit with about 18" of water for the kids to spin in. $250 additional
 SUPER FUN! check out our video on utube for hamsterball pool parties 

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